Bongbong Marcos denies using trolls in campaign: Show me one

Presidential candidate Bongbong Marcos insists that he is not employing a troll farm for his 2022 presidential bid. In an interview with CNN Philippines, Marcos said that he was offered to avail troll services.

“Find me one. Show me one. Just one. They don’t exist. You show me the place where there are hundreds of trolls sitting in front of a computer spreading fake news. It doesn’t exist,” Marcos said.

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“There are no trolls. We have no trolls. None. Not a single one. I have been offered a click army, I’ve been offered a troll. I did not use it,” he added.

Twitter has recently removed accounts linked to the Marcos camp for spreading disinformation.

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“Besides, I don’t know. Some of these things are… these are from the United States. They don’t know what’s going on here. So maybe they might be mistaken in some instances,” Marcos said.

An independent study showed that Marcos is the main beneficiary of misleading information being circulated online.

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