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Staff members helps robbers steal Dh253k from Deira firm

The Dubai police arrested five people who robbed a company in Deira Dubai.. Three suspects had posed as cops to execute their plan with the help of two company employees.

An employee of the company told police that he was at the organisation’s headquarters in the Freej Al Murar area in Deira with four other colleagues when three men dressed as policemen and wearing masks and gloves barged in, reported Emarat Al Youm.

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He reportedly said that the trio began searching the company until they found the safe and forced him to open it. They then stole Dh253,500 and locked everybody inside the company before making their getaway.

After receiving the report, Dubai Police moved quickly to the crime scene and reviewed CCTV footage. After forming an investigation team, they identified the three suspects and arrested them within 72 hours.

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The first suspect admitted that the second accused told him of his plan to rob the company, and that he went with him and a third person to the company’s headquarters posing as anti-narcotics police. There, they assaulted one of the employees and stole the money from the safe.

The first suspect further told the police that two of the employees were involved in the crime, and pretended to be victims to avert suspicion

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