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One of the tools that Filipinos need when trying to find jobs is a trusted portal that will hopefully lead them to their future employer. Other Filipinos might also need to search for a buyer for an item they no longer need, or perhaps might need someone to share their expenses at home with or simple looking for a flat or room to live in at the region.

These situations and more are exactly where one-stop online portals like weathi.com come into play – providing Filipinos and other expats with a tool that empowers them to maximize their time online as they gain access to job searches, buy and sell, property listings and more under one website.

The Filipino Times spoke to Weathi Marketing Manager Aleah Soriano-Gapuz to learn more about this innovative platform.

Humble Beginnings

Weathi was launched by Edappilly in 2018 with the general aim to serve the UAE community. “It starts with two like-minded directors of the company, Dr. Anil Paul and Tulasi Sharma who were fascinated with the idea of e-commerce,” shares Gapuz.

Since the startup began its operations it has slowly but surely gained traction online, with the company and the portal emerging from a general trading company to the robust e-commerce platform that it is today.

In Service to the UAE Community

The portal itself might only be a year old – but it has begun to establish itself as a dependable website where users can engage themselves in trade, job hunts, finding properties, and other services which is accessible at any time of the day.

For Gapuz, it’s the convenience of sharing what their users need or linking them to prospective employers, sellers, or service providers that Weathi finds its niche in serving the people. “Offering someone to save something is always a noble cause.  For weathi.com, it is our opportunity to extend Free-to-post services to the community helping them to save a little more money.  For our visitors, we would be happy if they will take the opportunity our platform is offering to them – from finding work to selling their stuff,” explains Gapuz.

Extensive Service

Apart from serving individuals, Weathi likewise prides itself in providing an expansive business portal at their e-Procurement section. Gapuz said that companies can leverage the platform to reach out to potential suppliers and other service providers to help out each other’s businesses grow: “We have the e-Procurement section which is for the Corporate sector that can be an income generation activity of every company from their regular and usual purchases only.  Having e-Procurement is our unique identity amongst all the portals.”

Enabling and empowering the masses

Weathi also acknowledges that while there might be several players who have long established their platforms in this field, they believe that it is through their consumer-friendly approach that will continue to attract audiences so that more and more expats and residents will take advantage of the power of their platform.

“Weathi is probably the newest player in this field here in the UAE at the present and we are like a blooming rosebud! However, unlike other portals, we are the most consumer-friendly classified portal because most categories are for free for the consumer to take advantage of. Furthermore, we are ,” explains Gapuz.

Truly, Weathi has started to pave the way for Filipinos and other expats to converge in a portal that will support them as they launch their careers and create long-lasting connections with fellow UAE residents. “We know that there will be many challenges ahead but with the responses we get from the community, Team Weathi is getting more inspired and committed to improving not just our services but the website’s functionality and design itself.  We are working on a lot of things and will invest heavily to take weathi.com to the next level.  Team Weathi is ready with all the challenges that will come our way and in the support of the community we serve in, we can see a bright future ahead. We are making WEATHI a very purposive platform for EVERYBODY” said Gapuz.




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