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OPPO Reno8 5G: Elevating the Reno Series to a New Level in Portrait Performance

Portrait photography and videography are written into the DNA of the OPPO Reno Series. Ever since the first Reno series smartphones were introduced in 2019, the Reno series has brought users the very best in camera features empowered by OPPO’s cutting-edge R&D in imaging technology.

Through an analysis of user insights, we discovered that about 40% of photos shot on Reno smartphones are taken after 5pm. For video, this percentage is even higher at nearly 50%. This discovery caused us to think about how we can better cater to user demand for fantastic image quality in darker nighttime environments. Based on this, we upgraded the portrait features on the latest Reno8 series to unleash unlimited imaging power that enables users to capture every memorable moment in life with incredible detail and clarity.

Ultra Night Video – Always Vivid, Always Clear

Picture a stunning city view at night. The rich and colorful neon signs in the background of the street sit in stark contrast to the dark foreground. A lesser phone might leave these foreground elements draped in shadow, but the Ultra Night Video algorithm on the Reno8 5G automatically detects ambient light and increases image brightness, improves colour expression, and sharpens facial features to bring out the beauty in everything.

OPPO Reno8 5G

Whether you’re shooting at night or in dimly lit surroundings, this AI-enhanced feature is here to deliver clearer, brighter, and more vivid portrait videos on both front and rear cameras.

Ultra HDR Video – Unfazed by Backlight

Shooting portrait videos in scenes with bright backlight has always been a challenge for any camera. The vast difference in brightness between the lightest and darkest elements is no longer an issues with DOL-HDR on the Reno8 5G. When the smartphone detects a high dynamic range in the scene, it will automatically toggle Ultra HDR Video, bringing DOL-HDR into action to process each video frame with enhanced dynamic range and true-to-life colours that guarantee details in videos come out looking bright and clear in both bright and dark areas.

Night Portrait – Pro-level Photos at Your Fingertips

The new Reno8 series also gives you pro-level portrait effects to apply to your still images. Anyone who has spent much time shooting photos at night will know that you need more time to take a photo in a dark environment. The Reno8 5G helps solve this by introducing two new features that reduce the time needed to snap a night portrait by 39.7% compared with the Reno7 series. The first of these is the significantly increased light sensitivity of the dual flagship camera sensors, and the second is the industry-leading Turbo RAW algorithm, which can reduce the noise of all three R/G/B channels using an AI neural network.

Now, when you press the shutter, photos appear more quickly without long-waiting times, enabling you to capture sharp nighttime portraits exactly as you see them.

Packed with incredible camera features, the OPPO Reno8 5G elevates the Reno Series to a new level of portrait performance. As the “Portrait Expert”, the Reno series is the culmination of our mission to bring you the right camera and the best imaging features needed to capture the beauty of everyday life exactly how you envision it.

As our R&D into imaging technology pushes forward, OPPO will continue to bring even more professional portrait photography and videography features to users around the world on the Reno series.

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