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Dubai-based expat takes home AED 12 million from Big Ticket

Big Ticket awarded not one but three new millionaires to the world on May 3. The Dream 12 million grand prize winner was wom by Mohamed Mishfak from Sri Lanka with ticket number 054978.

Mishfak has been working in Dubai for the past 10 staying with his friends while his wife is back home in Sri Lanka with their 2 children because he could not afford to bring them here due to low salary. He was very surprised when Richard called him during the show.

In an interview with a Big Ticket representative Mr. Mohamed Mishfak said “I was excited and happy at the same time when I heard that it’s Richard from Big Ticket calling me and that time I knew I had won because Richard only calls the winner of the jackpot on the 3rd of every month“.

Mr. Mohammed Mishfak has been purchasing Big Ticket for the past 1 year and a half together with his 20 friends, they put money together each month and participate in Big Ticket.

He has no plans yet for the winnings, but he will start by solving his family financial problems and build a home for his 2 children and wife at home in Sri Lanka . To all the Big Ticket participants he said, “ If you lose today, tomorrow your turn will come just like me today so never give up.”

Congratulations to all our Big Ticket Dream 12 series 227 winner Mr. Mohamed Mishfak and all the other Big Ticket series 227 winners .

Our priority at Big Ticket is always to surprise and excite our customers and this month, we did just that with the introduction of 3 new millionaires . We also included new elements in the live draw tonight, such as the new Memory game for our Facebook competition winners. We take pride as Big Ticket in changing live for the best and making dreams a reality. We gave away a new car for the first time as well in Big Ticket History Mr. Katubbhai  Hakimuddinbai  Rajanpurwala walked away with the most prestigious sport car Porsche 718 Spyder.

Below is the list of prizes and winners for the Big Ticket Series 227 draw

Prize Amount Winner Ticket Number Nationality
Dream Car Porsche 718 Katubbhai  Hakimuddinbai  Rajanpurwala 009630 Indian
Grand Prize 12 000 000 Mohamed Mishfak 054978 Sri Lanka
2nd Prize 3 000 000 Aabu Mamman Babu 232268 Indian
3rd Prize 1 000 000 Anuj Thygarajan 263556 Indian
4th Prize 100 000 Mohammed Alshehhi 108273 UAE
5th Prize 90 000 Najeed Ullah 151521 Pakistan
6th Prize 80 000 Vijayakumar Jayasiddaiah 115126 India
7th Prize 70 000 Maria Elena Benavidez 201405 Filipino
8th Prize 60  000 Sanil Kimar Janardhanan 170681 India


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