Abu Dhabi OFWs form cycling club

Bicycles are good investments, because you invest in your health

From having just three members in 2014, the group has grown to over 700 folding bike enthusiasts

ABU DHABI: Formed in March 2014, the club started with only around three members. Today, with proud 728 members, 95% of the Abu Dhabi Folding Bikes Club or ADFB each own unique foldable bicycles with each having different styles and modifications.

Members are composed of, but not limited to Filipinos, with other nationalities in its ranks.

The group is headed by Brye Oloteo, club administrator and Ronnie Aguilan, club founder who said that the best thing about folding bicycles is that they’re very lightweight and comfortable to use.

The folding mechanism may vary, with each offering a distinct combination of folding speed, folding ease, compactness, ride and price. Providing minimum bulk, it is extremely practical especially when you don’t have much space.

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Bicycles can be pricey, too. Basically, a high-end folding bike would cost up to Dhs16,000. One of the group’s members owns a Brampton which is made in the U.K. and is made of full titanium; price of a regular bike usually starts at Dhs 1,200.

“We always look forward to the weekly ride, we enjoy the company of each other lalo’t pag miss na miss namin iyong mga pamilya namin sa pilipinas, it’s a healthy diversion kasi from anxiety. At-least dito kahit papaano masaya kami kasi parang pamilya kaming lahat. Instead of going to sleep after a stressful and tiring day from work, we ride,” said Oloteo.

“Safe biking is our top priority,” for his part said Aguilan. “The club has this motto, ‘Walang Helmet, Pangit’ emphasizing that headgear is for the safety of the riders.”

“As accident happens, wearing helmet really saves. It is a must. We don’t let our members ride without helmets. when it comes to clothing, we wear our uniforms or cycling jerseys, shoes, vests and bike lights.We also require them to bring tumblers, extra cash, emirates ID,” he added.

You may reach them through their Facebook page at (ADFB) Abu Dhabi Folding Bikes or follow their Instagram page at abudhabifoldingbikes.

Health benefits of Cycling:

• Increase cardiovascular fitness
• Increased muscle strength and flexibility
• Improved joint mobility
• Decreased stress levels
• Improved posture and coordination
• Strengthened bones
• Decreased body fat levels
• Prevention or management of disease


The group has two kinds of ride: the “Pabebe” or short ones; and the long ones which runs up to 300 kilometers. There is also what they call Abu Dhabi Island Tour.

One milestone in the group’s history is the 306.7-km, 15-hour ride from the Abu Dhabi city proper all the way to Ghantoot at the boundary of the capital city and Dubai which was held last December.

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