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7 hacks for cleaning the forever dirty

Overseas Filipino workers have a friend in Storypedia when it comes to household chores never seem to end.

“There are times when you are trying to complete one and have wasted hours, without any wonderful results. But life is sorted when you have easy ways to tackle these household chores,” said.

Here then are some tips from the al-things-considered website:

1. Dirty Chopping Boards.
Chopping boards can really get dirty over time and getting rid of those stains is next to impossible. So here’s the easy way. Rub some Kosher salt with lemon to clean your chopping board; this will leave your boards squeaky clean, that too without leaving any chemical residue.

2. Sanitise Old Sponges.
Sponges get really dirty and greasy. It will take just two minutes to sanitise them. Soak your sponge in a detergent liquid and throw it in the microwave for two minutes for a fresh sponge again.

3. Yellow Pillow?
White pillows look gross. Just mix one cup of laundry detergent, one cup of powdered dishwasher detergent, one cup bleach and half cup borax. Put this mixture in the washing machine and set it to wash at the highest temperature. And voila, you get pristine white pillow covers again.

4. Super Soiled Kitchen Cabinets.
We all hate greasy and oily cabinets. So, get rid of the grease by mixing vegetable oil and baking soda and scrub it with a toothbrush. The results are ultra-good.

5. Dull Lampshades.
Say goodbye to those heavy vacuum cleaners. Instead, use a lint roller to clean lampshades. It’s convincingly convenient.

6. Remove Pet Hair from Carpet.
If you are still picking pet hair from carpets, then you will thank me for this tip. Simply use a squeegee or a lint roller to get rid of pet hair. Both your hands and carpets remain clean with this.

7. Rusty and burnt irons.
Iron can get burnt cloth stains. Leave a hot iron over salt overnight. Next day, wipe it with a scrubbing cloth. This will clean the iron without much hard work.

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