WATCH: Filipino kids welcome their parents flying home for Christmas

As Christmas closes in, OFW parents continue to send the gifts that they think their kids would like – but what exactly do their kids wish for?

A heart-warming video released by the Philippine Airlines share the ultimate gift that OFW parents can give to their kids: Their time and presence.

Philippine Airlines UAE Country Manager Agnes Pagaduan said that while material gifts are still appreciated by kids these days, it’s the actual presence of the OFW parents that their kids at home yearn for. “Walang material na bagay na pwedeng pumalit sa ligayang naidudulot ng presenya ng mga magulang, kapatid at ng mga kapamilya na galing sa abroad,” said Pagaduan.

Filipino families, by culture are tightly knit which is why it isn’t a surprise that Christmas is one of the best times of the year when families gather together to celebrate and spread happiness, love, and forgiveness. “Ito yung time na nag ga-gather lahat, lahat ng magkakagalit, nagkakabati and nagkakasundo. It’s a time for forgiveness,” shares Pagaduan.

In the video, it shares the story of how kids of OFWs have long waited for their parents to come home. The airline continues to support OFWs to get home to their families in the Philippines in time for the Christmas season. “Sa Philippines, sila (OFWs) yung bayani natin. They will sacrifice talaga for the family,” adds Pagaduan.

Watch the video here:


Neil Bie

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