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From 3 days, OEC processing now takes 3 weeks

The usual three-day process of getting an Overseas Employment Certificate, the last requirement needed before one can work abroad, can now last 3 weeks up to a month and OFWs are in distress.

This process involves submitting requirements such as employment contract, passport, medical certificate and other supporting documents to Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA).

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Once all required documents are submitted, it will undergo evaluation, approval from POEA administration and endorsement from Department of Labor and Employment before OEC will be released.

In an interview with ABS CBN News, Labor Secretary Silvestre Bello said that this problem occurred when POEA Rules and Regulations was amended last 2016.

Three categories were added under the list of workers exempted from direct hire ban: workers endorsed by Philippine Overseas Labor Offices, professional and skilled workers and those hired by relatives or family members.

POEA goes through direct hires’ contract one by one which make the process longer while others are lacking some requirements, added Bello.

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  1. This is a oerfect example of implementing a change without assessing the current state.

    Before a Canadian employer is approved to hire a foreign worker, they already go through extensive process of checking to make sure the contract meets the labour standard similar to a Canadian resident. This new process is creating unnecessary frustration, lost of time, lost if opportunity.

    I suggest you make chamges that brings positive result and create a reputation. This is making me feel like we Filipinos make poor jusdgment…is this the kind of reputation WE Filipinos wants to be remembered of? Most certainly not!

  2. The stupidity of Filipino! Other countries does not require such things to work overseas. They only need a valid visa and a working contract. To think that in Europe/US/Canada/Australia and other countries life is very easy and salaries are high. But in the Philippines, it’s hard to find a decent job that will pay a good salary and yet it’s also hard to go out and find job outside the country because of all the stupid documentation. Then you have to pay one month salary to Agencies. When will the Filipino people realize this. The government is making the people suffer.

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