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Philippines Food Festival’s ‘Bangkota Meals’ at The Catch features freshly grilled ‘Tuna Panga’ other Pinoy all-time faves

When it comes to seafood, Filipinos can easily discern what’s fresh and what’s frozen – especially since they grew up in an archipelagic nation. This is exactly why Filipinos here in the UAE often search for restaurants that can fulfill this specific craving – and now the ongoing Philippines Food Festival has highlighted yet another Filipino favorite viand – the Tuna Panga!

The Catch Seafoods and Grill Restaurant located at the Centurion Star Tower at Deira in Dubai offers their iconic Grilled Tuna Panga as part of their ‘Bangkota Meals’ offerings. This dish is famous in the Philippines with its signature savory taste of freshness that will always have Filipinos scooping another spoonful of rice!

“This is a rare catch therefore, not all restaurants in the emirate offer this dish. We consider it special not only because we take pride of the rich flavors that it has but because of the fact that within the vicinity, only The Catch Seafoods and Grill Restaurant offers it,” said a spokesperson from The Catch.

Grilled Chicken Inasal

In addition, The Catch also offers several more Filipino viands you shouldn’t miss including:

Seafood Boodle (Cajun). The Catch has concocted a special seasoning for its special seafood Cajun sauce. This secret mix is what makes their seafood boodle oozing with so much flavors plus, each piece of seafood are of premium quality – making it extra special.

Grilled Chicken Inasal. Inspired by the famous ‘Inasal’ from Bacolod, this dish has been time-tested and polished to bring out its authentic taste which Filipinos specifically knows of. It has been The Catch Seafoods and Grill Restaurant’s best-selling chicken dish from the very beginning, making it a go to selection for their Filipino customers and even other nationalities.

Grilled BBQ Ala Larsian. Having Visayan roots, the owners themselves made sure to offer something that would remind them of home. The term “larsian”, which came from Cebu, is associated to a well-known barbecue place for which the dish name came from. That’s how you know that this dish is special not only for the close association to the owners but because the taste was perfected like the ones sold in Cebu.

Grilled Bbq Ala Larsian

Savor seafoods and meat in one place

The Filipino-owned restaurant takes its name, “The Catch”, as a direct reference to seafood products. Imagine a net filled with seafood freshly caught from the sea, that’s what the name symbolizes. Even before the conceptualization began, Mr. Michael, the owner, had always wanted his restaurant to highlight seafood hence, the menu consists of 70% seafood dishes. His passion for cooking became a dream to own a restaurant that offers not only good food but a safe space for families and friends to enjoy the comfort of homegrown cooking.

But since not everyone can consume seafood items, The Catch Seafoods and Grill Restaurant made sure to offer something for the non-seafood eating individuals. Meat dishes like chicken and beef are available to create variety in the menu and to cater to the aforementioned sector.

Seafood boodlecajun

With the products presented in the restaurant’s menu, the tagline “Where seafood and meat lovers match” came about. It is indeed the perfect statement for the restaurant as it aligned to what it offers.

The Catch Seafoods and Grill Restaurant is located at Shop GS06, Centurion Star Tower, Block A, Port Saeed, Deira, UAE.

The Catch Seafoods and Grill Restaurant is a member of the League of Food and Beverage Entrepreneur (LFBE), a subsidiary of the Philippine Business Council of Dubai and Northern Emirates (PBC-DNE). The PBC-DNE is a non-profit organization established in 2001 under the patronage of the Embassy of the Philippines and the Philippine Consulate General of Dubai and the Northern Emirates, and the only Filipino organization recognized by the Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry, with the esteemed role of facilitating business opportunities for the Filipino community and their commercial partners in the country.

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