WATCH: Filipino mistaken as Chinese punched in the face in Italy

The ongoing threat of COVID-19 epidemic in Italy has increased instances of racism and discrimination as evident in a video taken at a supermarket between a resident and an Asian.
A video posted on YouTube showed a man punching an Asian man on the face for no reason at a supermarket in Lidl, Casalpusterlengo town, one of the areas under lockdown in Lombardy.

The Asian man fought back and exchanged punches with the man before other shoppers intervened and stopped the scuffle.
The man was seen in the video shouting that he was a Filipino.
It is not the first case of discrimination among Asians, as they were being targeted by discrimination, and racial slurs related to the coronavirus epidemic.
Chinese and other Asian nationalities were being blamed by some Italians as the ones responsible for spreading the disease which has infected 400 in the country.


  1. Palaban talaga ang Filipino kapag ina-agrabyado.. Palaban kahit Malaki pa sa atin ang dayuhan.. .
    Pero Yong nasa Malakanyang. Tsk Tsk

    1. ulol.. mema lang.. ano kinalaman mg malakanyang sa Coronavirus. BOBO!

  2. when emotion is mixed with stupidity….presto, an ugly situation no one wants to be into…well well we could only try to be at our best at all times but sometimes things can head the other way around…

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