Saudi’s ‘Special Privilege Iqama’ to cost $213,300

The recently announced permanent Special Privilege Iqama will cost $213,333 (SR800,000) while one-year valid iqama will cost $26,666 (SR100,000), the Saudi Gazette reported.

In a recent report by The Filipino Times, the “Distinguished Iqama” or Special Privilege Iqama was said to provide qualified expats in Saudi with several privileges if their application for the permit is approved.

As per the approved draft of the ‘Special Privilege’ law, the person granted the Iqama will get a family status and can obtain a visit visa for family members and relatives, recruit domestic workers, and even own a property.

To regulate and manage the new iqama, a Special Privilege Iqama Center is being built which will also be responsible in preparing the Executive Regulations of the law.


Heidecel Serrano

Heidecel Serrano is a London-based contributor for The Filipino Times. She has worked for The Filipino Times as a reporter/writer from 2018 until she moved to the United Kingdom in 2019. She focuses her writing on light-hearted and inspiring stories among OFWs in Europe. You may contact her at [email protected]

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