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Abu Dhabi Police issues warning to motorists following shocking crash

A shocking video shared by Abu Dhabi Police on Friday captured a black SUV breaking multiple traffic rules in less than three seconds, resulting in a horrific crash at a busy intersection in the emirate. Authorities are now warning drivers of hefty penalties, including a Dh50,000 fine and vehicle impoundment, for serious violations.

In the video footage, the SUV is observed making a wrong turn despite being in a lane marked “go straight” and subsequently jumping a red light. The reckless maneuver led to a collision with another vehicle, sending it spiraling out of control.

Abu Dhabi Police clarified that distracted driving was the primary factor behind the crash.

“The driver wasn’t focused on the road and seemed to have been preoccupied with other things,” stated the authorities. Distracted driving, often linked to activities such as using a phone, browsing social media, making calls, or taking photos, is a serious traffic offense punishable by a Dh800 fine and four black points.

The video also depicted the SUV violating another crucial traffic rule by running a red light, adding to the list of infractions. Jumping a red light incurs a Dh1,000 fine, 12 black points, and a 30-day vehicle confiscation. To retrieve the impounded SUV, the driver is required to pay a substantial Dh50,000 penalty, as per Abu Dhabi’s traffic regulations.

Failing to settle the fine within three months will result in the vehicle being auctioned off, emphasizing the severity of consequences for such dangerous driving behavior.

Abu Dhabi Police took the opportunity to remind all drivers to remain vigilant, keep their focus on the road, and prioritize the safety of themselves and others by adhering to traffic rules and regulations.

Justin Aguilar

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