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Sun Jiansheng of Wenchao Group’s leads company’s New Year celebrations

"Warming people's hearts and boosting morale" Sun Jiansheng, the chairman of Wenchao group, led the company's senior management to pay New Year's greetings

On the eve of the Spring Festival in 2023, Sun Jiansheng, chairman of Wenchao Group, held a New Year greetings event for employees, sending New Year blessings and red envelopes to the front-line staff of all business departments of Wenchao Group, to reward Wenchao people for the past year hard work.

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All employees of Wenchao Group are composed of Chinese employees and foreign employees. Among them, the nationalities of employees include 12 different countries. It is a group enterprise with strong tolerance and international diversification. Employees are treated equally and celebrate the Chinese New Year together with Chinese employees.

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Mr. Sun visited Wenchao WEMART Longcheng Store, Bell Tower Store, DIP Store, Abu Dhabi Store, Deira Store, Wenchao E-commerce Department, Wenchao Homeland, Wenchao Food City, Wenchao VIP Bulk Department, Wenchao Warehousing and Logistics Department, Wenchao Green Farm, Cantonese Fresh Restaurant, Wenchao DIP Warehouse and Wenchao Headquarters, and delivered speeches.

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Mr. Sun first summed up Wenchao’s achievements in the previous year.

He said: “2022 is a year for Wenchao Group to develop vigorously and work hard. We will expand our territory and expand into Saudi Arabia. The company’s structure is optimized and it is brave to innovate. Upgrade the Wenchao e-commerce life platform and open a new format of Wenchao Food City…”

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In his speech, Mr. Sun also expressed his heartfelt thanks to Wen Chaoren for his unity and fighting spirit. Even during the Spring Festival, Wen Chaoren still sticks to his post and struggles on the front line.

He said to all Wen Chaoren: “Thank you for your hard work and hard work, and thank the employees’ families for their silent support to Wen Chao. I wish Wen Chaoren, in 2023 Do not forget the original intention, forge ahead, and continue to put quality and service first.”

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During the New Year’s condolences , Mr. Sun also awarded certificates to the outstanding employees, managers, supervisors and teams of each department to encourage their outstanding performance in the past year.

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The Spring Festival is naturally indispensable to distribute red envelopes. Mr. Sun personally distributes red envelopes and year-end condolence gift packages to all employees, bringing a festive atmosphere and company warmth to their year.

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There was also a 100% winning lottery draw that every Superman Wen was looking forward to during the event. The company provided different prizes for the employees!

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Wenchao’s “people-oriented” has always been integrated into Wenchao’s corporate culture. Wenchao continues to pay attention to the life and development of employees, and strives to provide conditions for employees to work and live happily.

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Every year, the New Year’s staff condolences and New Year’s greetings are Wen Chao’s encouragement and gratitude to all Wen Chao people.Finally, Mr. Sun, on behalf of Wenchao Group, wished everyone a happy new year, smooth work, happy family, and great success!

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