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Survey: PH is ‘most stressed’, 2nd angriest, saddest country in Southeast Asia

Global analytic firm Gallup reported that the Philippines is the most stressed and second angriest and saddest country in Southeast Asia in 2021.

The Gallup Global Emotions Report measured the world’s emotional temperature through surveys and discovered the emotional states of different people from over 100 countries.

The survey was conducted from 2021 up to early 2022.

“The methodology is nationally representative, with probability-based samples among the adult population, ages 15 and older,” Gallup said.

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The respondents were asked if they were angry, sad or stressed on the day the survey was conducted.

48% of Filipino respondents said they were stressed, the highest in Southeast Asian nations.

Thailand (44%) and Cambodia (40%) followed the Philippines. Vietnam, Myanmar, and Singapore joined the list. 

Indonesia was the least stressed Southeast Asian nation according to the survey.

The most angry country was Laos with 29% of the respondents saying yes. 

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Philippines ranked second with 27%. Indonesia, Cambodia, Thailand and Myanmar were all tied in terms or ranking.

The saddest country was Cambodia with 42%. 

Philippines ranked second with 35%.

“They offer an insight on people’s daily experiences, and the health of their societies which cannot be determined solely by economic measures,” Gallup said. 

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