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COVID-19: AED 10,000 (Php133,000+) fine for organizing family gatherings, additional AED 5,000 (Php66,800+) fine for each participant

The Abu Dhabi Police issued a reminder to the public to avoid family gatherings and other private parties and functions during the Eid Al Adha Holiday.

A fine of AED10,000 will be imposed for the organizer of the gatherings while each participant will be fined AED 5,000.

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Resolution No. 38 of 2020, which forms part of the preventive measures against the spread of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) in the UAE, prohibits gatherings, meetings, and private and public celebrations in public spaces, private farms, or homes.

Violators would be referred to the National Emergency Crisis and Disaster Management for legal action.

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The public can report violators to authorities through the following channels:

Call: 8002626
Text: 2828
Email: [email protected]

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