LOOK: UAE publishes photos of COVID-19 violators with fines up to Dh 10,000 (Php135,000)

The UAE’s Public Prosecution reminds the public that those who will violate the country’s preventive measures against the spread of the coronavirus disease do not only risk themselves of fines and imprisonment, they also face public scrutiny as their photos and initials may be published on social media.
This comes as a new list of violators had been published on the social media account of the country’s prosecution office that listed 13 individuals for not adhereing to the COVID-19 preventive measures. Some of them had been fined as high as Dh10,000 (Php135,000+).
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Here’s the list from the UAE Public Prosection, as well as the rule that they have violated:
Failing to wear masks while in private vehicles. Violating decisions issued by each emirate to limit the spread of communicable diseases. Leaving home or travelling during curfew hours
Fine: Dh 3,000
Violating the ban and restrictions imposed on gatherings and private parties
Fine: Dhs10,000 and Dhs5,000
Violating the decisions issued by each emirate to limit the spread of communicable diseases:
Fine: Dh2,000
“Since completion of the National Disinfection Programme, the relevant authorities have observed a significant increase in the number of violations of the preventative measures. Such reckless behaviour will work against the preventative measures, which have been so important in helping to control the spread of the virus,” said Acting Director of the Federal Emergency, Crisis and Disasters Prosecution Salem Al Zaabi.
Al Zaabi warned that violators will be subject to legal accountability and will be fined as per the law.
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Al Zaabi stressed the need to wear either medical or cloth masks at public spaces, office buildings, private and public transport, and densely crowded areas including commercial centres and the streets.
Social distancing is also a must for the public to avoid direct physical contact with one another especially at restaurants, beaches, swimming pools, and other communal areas.
“As per the Attorney General’s decision, the fine will be doubled for those found to be repeating the violation. Third time offenders will be subject to legal action and could face imprisonment for a period of up to six months and an increased fine of Dh100,000,” warned Al Zaabi.

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