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Elevate your festive feast with zesty Citrus Roast Chicken by NutriAsia

Stand out at your holiday gatherings with NutriAsia’s Citrus Roast Chicken—a culinary masterpiece that goes beyond tradition. This Christmas and New Year, embark on a flavor-filled journey that sets your gathering apart. Delight your family and friends with NutriAsia’s Citrus Roast Chicken.

 What makes this dish extraordinary is the divine fusion of Datu Puti Fish Sauce, ground black pepper, and Wow Sarap All-in-One Seasoning Granules, creating a unique chicken rub that sets the stage for an enticing experience.

 But that’s not all – the marinade, featuring the boldness of lemon, the aromatic essence of thyme, and the pounded lemongrass and garlic infuses the chicken with a symphony of flavors.

As the Citrus Roast Chicken dances in the oven, the potatoes join the party, absorbing the savory goodness. The result? A crispy, golden exterior enveloping succulent, citrus-infused chicken, complemented by perfectly roasted potatoes.

Elevate your culinary journey with a trio of sauces—Mang Tomas All-around Sarsa, UFC Banana Catsup, and Jufran Sweet Chili Sauce. This harmonious blend takes the Citrus Roast Chicken to new heights, ensuring a feast that’s not just special but truly unforgettable.

Check out the complete recipe on NutriAsia’s Recipe Page and elevate your festive menu with NutriAsia’s Citrus Roast Chicken. This dish goes beyond the usual, bringing a burst of zest and unmatched flavor to your celebrations.

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