Formerly overweight OFW in Ajman now a fitness trainer following 25kg weight loss

Photos by Richelle Romuar

A UAE-based Filipino who used to be overweight shared his amazing transformation and journey towards becoming a fitness trainer.

Richelle Romuar, 38, said that she used to weigh 75 kilograms when she started her weight loss journey back in 2015.

“Nung end of 2015, nag-decide ako na mag-exercise at the same time kumain ng healthy food,” said the OFW, who had shed a whopping 25 kilogram using her own fitness program 60/30/10.

According to Romuar, she eats 60 percent healthy food (this means less carbs, no sugar, and more protein), does 30 percent exercise of at least three to four times a week, and builds 10 percent motivation in order to stay disciplined and true to her goal.

“Ang 10 percent, right motivation, mahalaga ito kase ‘di naman tayo palagi malakas at minsan may katamaran tayo especially sa mga kababaihan with our changing hormones so mahalaga lagi mo isipin ang motivation mo bakit you need to stay fit,” she said.

She also advised others who want to lose weight not to starve themselves too much and recommended eating small portions every three hours in order to not overeat.

“Wala ako cheat day kase every three hours, kumakain po ako, pwede naman tikim tikim sa nga traditional foods natin and sa mga fatty and sugary foods, kailangan kontrolin lang ang portion nito,” she said.

Romuar added that a huge part of her fitness success is her motivation, saying that she thinks of her goal every day despite being challenged daily in the gym and in her diet.

She added that the look of the body should not the only motivation one should have in losing weight, but also, being healthier.

“Unang una sympre hindi ‘yan sa gusto natin magpaganda ng katawan part of it, but we have to consider our health, ang pag-eehersisyo at tamang pagkain ay nagpapalakas ng resistensya ng katawan ‘pag malakas resistensya mo ‘di ka kakapitan ng sakit, especially now may kinakaharap tayo na pandemya kailangan natin ito,” said the OFW. “I also always think na kailangan mas malakas ako para mas maalagaan ko at mapagsilbihan ko ng matagal ang pamilya ko.”

In September, Romuar has been certified as a personal trainer by Personal Training Academy Global, a leading resource for developing world-class fitness leaders through proven Systems, Sciences, and Tools.

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