Daig ng may maayos na trabaho ang gwapo lang

As some would say, it is true love if it calls for finances; and desire if it goes for the looks. There is also this adage, “beauty fades with age; money grows with it.”

The Filipino Times, through its online poll segment “Tanong ng Bayan,” asked netizens if they would prefer someone good-looking but has no money, or someone who’s got the bucks but is not necessarily an eye-candy.

Almost 87 percent of the respondents said they prefer money over looks, as they believe that at the end of the day, it’s better to spend time with someone who’s financially stable.

One of the netizens, “Sophia” said going out with someone with financial stability is the more practical choice. “Doon na ako sa may pera kahit wala itsura. Pwede naman pumunta kay Belo (a known Filipina plastic surgeon) para maging gumanda o pumogi,” she said.

Roxanne, another OFW in the poll, said, for practical reasons, it’s best to look for a financially-stable partner.
“Siyempre magpakatotoo na tayo,” she said.

According to the journal, Evolutionary Psychology, experts call the principle of women looking for stability in men the “evolved preferences theory,” where they prefer men who can provide resources on the table because women are physically weaker in general.

Take it from artist and DJ Paula Chua, who said responsibility trumps appearance especially when it comes to long-term goals.

“Wala sa akin ang itsura, mas okay sa akin ang responsible na lalake, at ‘yong nakikita ko na may pangarap sa buhay,” she said.

Karen Quiobe, a 29-year-old nurse, said physical attributes fade anyway. “ Physical looks is only an attraction. I’d rather choose the successful one, at least he can sustain the needs of our future family,” she said.

Psychologist David Ludden believes that even with the advent of gender equality, women still value success and stability in choosing a mate.

“A woman’s standard of living will still be much better with a mate that’s also a good breadwinner. If everyone earned roughly the same amount, then women certainly would value looks over resources because money would no longer be an issue,” he said.

But there are also men preferring successful women, especially those who can inspire them towards success. Jon Jinda, a 32-year-old coordinator in Dubai, said: “I want someone financially stable and successful kahit walang masyadong itsura because she can be my inspiration for a successful future.”

Meantime, netizen “Prince” said he’d rather choose a good looking partner —for the purposes of genes.

“If ikaw naman ang may pera then bakit ka pa pipili ng may pera rin pero hindi naman kagandahan?” he said.

Another netizen, Lee Ng Kai, says he will make sure he is the one financially stable so he can look for someone with great looks.

“If I have the money, of course I will choose a partner with good looks. It’s great for the genes,” he said.

For his part, Miji, a 33-year-old banker, said that as a man, he is supposed to be the one doing financially okay, a reason he prefers appearance over financial stability in a woman.

“I will choose a partner na maganda kahit na hindi financially stable. I am supposed to be the one financially okay,” he said.

There also are women who thinks face value can contribute to success. Maria Christina Nonol, executive secretary living in the UAE for six years, said having pleasing attributes can put one at an advantage when it comes to career. “Sa panahon ngayon, ang pogi o maganda ay plus factor because of the face value,” she said.

There are likewise several OFWs, who think that some factors beyond physical qualities and money check out when it comes to choosing a partner.

Purchasing executive Donadel Domingo, for one, said good character should be sought when looking for a partner.

“Basically it’s about the character of a person, hindi basehan ang hirap o yaman,” he said.

Christian Sibonga, a project manager in the UAE for past two years, said it is important for him to have a partner who knows how to handle money.

“I would rather be with someone financially literate, whether she has the looks or not,” he said.

Benjie Datinguinoo, a financial literacy advocate said preference for those with money can be rooted to the consideration that the relationship should last a lifetime.

“They believe having a lifetime partner is a perpetual commitment that’s why (dapat) secured sila all through the years,” he said.

Francis Medina, also a financial literacy advocate, cited at least three factors: one, the Filipinos’ gullibility where he or she may have had bad experiences in having a relationship with someone not financially stable; two, a long time spent working abroad yet still not financially successful.

Third factor, said Medina, is retirement from the OFW life. “They would like to reintegrate (in the Philippines). And so they look for trustworthiness.”

Arman Vengco Felipe of the financial literacy group, Truly Rich Club, for his part said: “They have been OFWs for quite sometime and have experienced all the hardships and sacrifices such that they have become more financially mature and now prefer someone na mas magiging convenient ang buhay nila being with.”

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