TFT Awards raises standards, image of Filipino women

Over the years, the image of Filipino women working abroad has evolved and molded from the perception of being household workers and front service staff – to competent and capable professionals who lead their respective companies and divisions.
Among the Filipina trailblazers is 2018 TFT Awards New Media Personality of the Year Nina Penalosa-Carpio who is not only the HR Director of a major fast food chain, she’s also a Filipina beauty advocate and an active social media influencer with a wide reach.

Embracing the Filipina Morena beauty

Carpio, also known through her blog ‘Smile Like Nina’ has been an active advocate of the Filipina beauty particularly for ‘Morenas’ or those blessed with tanned skin.
While majority of other beauty brands promote whitening products, her blog has since been instrumental in unveiling the beauty of Filipinas who embrace the color of their skin. “The ‘Morena Beauty Series’ project that I created in YouTube is something that I’m really proud of. I’ve received so many feedbacks saying that finally there’s someone that represents the Morenas, and highlights the beauty of being one,” shared Carpio.

Positive influence for Filipinas

Her efforts over the years in pushing the narrative for Filipina beauty earned her the TFT nomination in 2018 and won her the award, much to the delight of her family and friends. The award has since opened more opportunities for her to know more likeminded individuals who are also aligned with her values: “Winning the TFT awards propelled the expansion of my influence. I was able to reach more audience that I could motivate, entertain and inspire. The award entrusted me with a responsibility to continue to raise the standard and image of a Filipina woman,” said Carpio.

However, she also recognizes that the achievement should not just be a trophy to look at – Carpio shares that it should serve the purpose of driving positive change she continues to touch hearts and lives of individuals who see her works on social media: “The achievement should go beyond the trophy. Winning an award should be for a higher purpose – to serve and to change someone’s life for the better. Don’t just do things for recognition and awards, do it for the pure enjoyment and love for it. Be excellent and persistent in whatever you do at all times. Be the game changer! If you motivate, inspire and lead others, if you make contributions to their lives, you will reap the most awesome of rewards.”

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