The exotic Pinay: ‘If only they knew they don’t need a nose job’

Dark complexion and flat “smiling” nose – usual attributes of a Filipina that Europeans and Americans find exotically beautiful.

Why? Because foreigners grew up in place where tall women with white complexion and an aquiline nose are clichés so much so that seeing shorter, brown ladies excite the senses.

Joanne Rico, The Filipino Times 2017 Marketing and Advertising Professional of the Year, said Filipinos, as a race, are not gifted with beautiful noses. “What I’ve realized is that in any culture, what is rare is beautiful,” she said.

Joanne Rico

“Filipina na maitim, maliit at pango – that is rare in Europe and America, so that is their standard of beauty,” she added.

Nina Carpio, lifestyle Youtuber said gone are the days when Filipinas were not confident with their beauty.

Nina Carpio

“Our culture used to follow Western trends but now Filipinas see that it’s not only the stereotypical beauty being admired and appreciated. Everyone is free to celebrate the kind of beauty they have,” she said.

For her part, beauty blogger Tracy Ley said Filipinas are “naturally beautiful.”

Tracy Ley

“I have nothing against it and I believe women get plastic surgery because they want to enhance a physical feature they dislike and theres nothing wrong with that. I know it is hard to be confident in your own appearance but remember everyone is beautiful in their own way.”

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