Woman discovers her cheap ring is worth $850,000

The saying every man’s trash is another’s man treasure rings true for a Londoner who just almost got a million dollar for her custom ring.
According to website Did You Know Facts, she got USD$850,000 or 656,750 pounds after her ring was auctioned.
It was just supposedly her dream to own something expensive since she she only earns enough for her needs.
When she saw the ring at a flea market, she said she was drawn to it and just had to buy it.
With USD$13 or 10 pounds left on her pocket, she purchased the ring.
It was a stranger she met at a supermarket that got her curious about the ring’s value.
That man was following her and looking intently at her ring.
Scared that the man might be a con man, she immediately left the store that day.
The Londoner then decided to have the ring assessed at Sothebey’s London.
The jewelry company asked to make the assessment for a week.
The Londoner was in a for a surprise of her lifetime.
Jessica Windham, who heads all the auction houses jewelry department, revealed that the ring is actually a giant 26 karat cushioned shaped white diamond from the 19th century.
Windham explained that a ring of such value was probably owned by someone in the Royal Family in the 19th century.
She added that the diamond cutting was slightly dulled and deeper than nowadays, it could trick people into not knowing that it was a genuine stone.
Sothebey’s had to have it tested with the Gemological Institute of America in order to make sure.
Initally, Windham said the ring would cost 350 thousand pounds or USD$450,000 if it was auctioned.
When it was finally sent for auction, it was sold at 656,750 pounds or USD$850,000.

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