Alone for Christmas? St. Joseph’s Cathedral to host ‘Open House’ today

While several OFWs are out at work for Christmas, some have been granted a full day off by their employers in the spirit of giving for the holiday season. But those who will be celebrating it alone, need not be lonely for Christmas in Abu Dhabi – as St. Joseph’s Cathedral will be hosting an “Open House” for everyone.

“On 25th December Christmas day, we have “Open House”. It is open for all, and especially for those who have no families or friends around. And those with family, come and spend more time with parish community to share their joy. It will be from 12:00 nn to 10:00 pm. You are also welcome to contribute towards the Open House,” as per the parish announcement.

St. Joseph’s Cathedral will also be hosting masses in various languages all day:

Christmas Day schedules:

4:00 AM: Malayalam – St. Joseph
6:30 AM: English – St. Joseph
7:45 AM: English – St. Therese
9:00 AM: English – Outdoor
10:15 AM: English – St. Therese
10:30 AM: Arabic – Outdoor
10:30 AM: Korean – Assisi Hall
12:00 PM: Noon Polish – St. Joseph
12:00 PM: English – Outdoor
4:00 PM: Urdu – St. Joseph
4:30 PM: English – Outdoor
5:00 PM: Italian – St. Joseph
5:30 PM: English – St. Therese
5:45 PM: English – Outdoor
6:00 PM: Spanish – Parish Hall
6:00 PM: Konkani – St. Joseph
7:00 PM: English – Outdoor
7:00 PM: Tamil – St. Therese
7:15 PM: Arabic – St. Joseph
7:30 PM: Sinhala – Assisi Hall
8:15 PM: English – St. Therese
8:30 PM: Malayalam – St. Joseph
8:30 PM: Tagalog – Outdoor

This way – majority of the community can come and share the joy and happiness this Christmas regardless if they’re alone or together with their families for the celebrations.

Neil Bie

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