Online viral sensation Dante Gulapa now a lumpia vendor

Online sensation Dante Gulapa has resorted to selling lumpia and vinegar after he became jobless because of the coronavirus pandemic.

Gulapa became an internet sensation last year for his “eagle dance.” Since then, he appeared on several shows like “Kapuso Mo Jessica Soho.” He even had an endorsement.

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On Facebook, Gulapa tells about his new source of income. He even delivers his product in Malabon and nearby places.

“Hi mga ka-idol, baka may gusto umorder ng mga tinda ko po. Mura mura lang po gawa ni big papa dante ako mag deliver mismo sa bahay niyo,” Gulapa posted.

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He also sells sweet delicacies like Mango Graham and Crema de fruta.

Last July, Gulapa asked his followers if they know about any job openings after losing his job due to the pandemic.

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