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Authorities to cancel driver’s license of actress Maria Isabel Lopez for using ASEAN lane

After posting on Facebook how she removed some of the divider cones and entered the lanes designated for world leaders and delegates on Saturday evening, actress Maria Isabel Lopez will be penalized for violating traffic protocols, according to transport authorities.

Lopez’ post, which became viral on social media, read: “Driving with hazards ‘on’ at the #aseanlane. I removed the divider cones!! Then all the other motorists behind me followed! MMDA thinks I’m an official ASEAN delegate! If you can’t beat ’em, join them! #nosticker #leadership”

Lopez appeared to have been proud of her pretending to be an ASEAN delegate when she traversed the southbound lane of Edsa with her car’s hazard lights turned on.

She even admitted that she “removed the divider cones,” prompting those behind her to follow her lead.

In the video that she posted, Lopez can be heard shouting: ” ASEAN lane, here I come!”

In another post today, Lopez apologized, saying she will explain her actions on a television show tonight.

“Sorry to those who got hurt and affected,” she said.

Catalino Cuy, chairperson of the ASEAN Committee on Security, Peace and Order, and Emergency Preparedness and Response, said Lopez’s behavior should neither be condoned nor tolerated.

“As a public figure, Ms. Lopez must be mindful of the impact of her actions.

We tirelessly remind the people that traffic rules are created to save lives and put an order in the management of traffic flow, especially now that we are hosting the ASEAN Summit. We will not allow someone like her to simply put our plans to naught,” he said.

Netizens were also quick to react on how Lopez’ controversial post:

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