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Al Ain Zoo celebrates World Environment Day

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In celebration of World Environment Day, the Al Ain Zoo has planned a series of events and initiatives aimed at nature conservation and preservation of wildlife in the country.

The event, which will be held on June 5 at the Sheikh Zayed Desert Learning Centre, will showcase the zoo’s achievements such as its first natural reserve for the protection and breeding of the Arabian Oryx, programmes for the Arabian Sand Cat Breeding, and the Publication of the Dama Gazelle Conservation Strategy.

The zoo will also hold an event called “Beat Plastic Pollution” which intends to provide information to all Zoo Staff about the danger of plastics and their threat to nature and wildlife.

Additionally, the wildlife park will feature documentaries and workshops in line with its efforts to make a difference in environmental awareness and nature preservation. This includes a documentary presentation called “Natural Life in Abu Dhabi – Al Dhafra Turtles” and “Drowning in Plastic,” and workshops such as plastic identification, waste classification, and recycling.

The Al Ain Zoo is always keen to educate the public, especially the UAE youth and its employees, on the importance of preserving the environment, its natural resources, and its wildlife, by celebrating environmental events, organizing awareness-raising activities, workshops, camps, and many more.

In a report from Emirates News Agency, the zoo was able to reduce the use of disposable plastic water bottles by 6880 bottles along with the recycling of 3761kg of paper, 480kg of plastics, 170kg of ink cartridges, 5kg of metal containers and 400kg of electronic waste as of August 2022.

The Zoo’s recycling initiatives by using recycle materials to make new products helped minimized greenhouse gas emissions, and reduce energy consumption, saving 391 million thermal power units of energy, 117 cubic meters of landfill, 232 trees, and 1810 gallons of fuel.

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