Belgian national in Dubai returns excess change to Filipina worker

Believing that she would never be able to recover an excess change she gave a customer, a Filipina in Dubai received a surprise after the customer contacted her to return the excess change.

Overseas Filipina worker (OFW) Nerissa Maglanque, who works at an exchange bureau in Dubai Airport, mistakenly handed two sets of Dh390 to one of the customers who had his euros exchanged to dirhams, reported Gulf News.

Maglanque, however, failed to notice this until the end of her shift while she was checking her transactions for the day and noted that she was missing Dh390 which she has to pay if she would not be able to contact the customer.

“Dh390 is already more than 5,000 pesos, which is almost half the money I send home monthly,” the Filipina said.

The OFW was able to identify the person who she gave excess money to and contacted the customer, to no avail.

The following day, however, the customer, Belgian national Pierre Yves Couplet, contacted Maglanque to inform her that he would return the money and that she does not have to worry about anything.

Couplet, who works as an export manager of a chocolate company, told the Filipina that he was really tired and failed to check the amount the OFW handed him when he had his money exchanged.

Couplet met with the Filipina to return the money and gave her some chocolates from his company.

The Filipina thanked the Belgian national for his honesty despite only being in Dubai for a few days.

“I have experienced customers ignoring calls in similar situations. But Mr Pierre did not. It’s not every day that you meet someone like him. I wish more people would have the same big heart,” the Filipina said.

Photo from: Facebook / Nerissa Maglanque

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