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West Zone introduces Miguelitos Ice Cream to UAE during Philippine Independence Day event

Bharati Vatnani, Head Import Procurement of West Zone (left) and Felma Laraño, Vice President of Miguel International Corporation (right)

In a festive celebration of Filipino independence and culinary delight, West Zone, the one and only master franchisee of Miguelitos Ice Cream, brought a taste of home to the heart of Dubai. Miguelitos Ice Cream, a beloved brand with a special place in the hearts of Filipinos, made its grand entrance into the UAE market with an event filled with joy, community, and of course, ice cream.

Throughout the event, attendees were treated to free samples of Miguelitos Ice Cream, allowing everyone to indulge in its rich, creamy goodness. The atmosphere was electric with happiness, as people of all ages enjoyed their avocado and mango flavors, with fruit tidbits!

The event not only highlighted the delectable taste of Miguelitos but also celebrated the vibrant Filipino culture that is cherished by so many in Dubai.

Felma Laraño, Vice President of Miguel International Corporation, told The Filipino Times how overseas Filipinos showed their love for the brand when their company participated in the Gulfood 2024.

felma larano
Felma Laraño, Vice President of Miguel International Corporation

“During the five-day Gulfood, we saw the support of the Filipino people in Dubai. So, talagang hindi lang magiging number 1 sa Philippines ang Miguelitos Ice cream. Even in Dubai,” Laraño said, envisioning the future of the ice cream brand in the UAE.

“We are halal,“ she said. “Our products have a 15-month shelf life, and also this is in quality export premise,” she added.

Bharati Vatnani, Head of Import Procurement of West Zone, also shared the uniqueness of Miguelitos Ice Cream compared to other brands. “We have a lot of other brands in the Philippines and other parts of the world. But those are frozen ice cream,” she said, explaining that West Zone is looking for something different to add to their ice cream lineup.

bharati vatnani
Bharati Vatnani, Head of Import Procurement of West Zone

Moreover, Vatnani explained that they chose Miguelitos because this is the kind of taste that Filipinos in the UAE are looking for. “West Zone has been very close to the Filipinos’ hearts for over a decade now. So we truly understand what they like and we bring what they want,” she added.

However, Miguelitos Ice Cream is not only for Filipinos. It’s for everyone, especially because it is healthier and more delicious.

“Miguelitos Ice Cream is really special because first, it is a halal ice cream, it is a vegan ice cream, and above all, it is 80% less sugar, so what more could you want?” Vatnani said, explaining the benefits of this creamy goodness.

West Zone’s dedication to such partnerships showcases their commitment to serving the diverse communities in Dubai. By bringing Miguelitos Ice Cream to the UAE, they have created a bridge that connects the Filipino community with a cherished taste of their homeland.

As the event coincided with Filipino Independence Day, the celebrations were doubly significant. The joyful atmosphere, combined with the creamy delights of Miguelitos, made it a day to remember. People danced, laughed, and enjoyed the freedom to celebrate their heritage in a place far from home, yet feeling very much at home.

Camille Quirino

Camille Quirino is a Junior Writer at The Filipino Times, passionate about sharing the stories of overseas Filipino workers (OFWs). She previously contributed to Magic 89.9 and various TV productions and finds fulfillment in crafting compelling narratives that shed light on the experiences of OFWs. Outside of work, Camille enjoys playing the ukulele and meeting new people to hear their stories. She believes everyone has a unique narrative worth sharing and is dedicated to capturing these stories in her writing. Reach Camille at [email protected].

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