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UAE authorities issue rain safety tips, weather-related fines

Courtesy: NCM

As parts of the UAE have been drenched in rain since Sunday, local authorities have issued safety guidelines for navigating the unstable weather on the roads.

In a post on social media platform X, the Dubai Police urged motorists to follow these traffic tips for road safety:

  • Reduce driving and maintain a safe distance from the road’s edge.
  • Inspect brakes’ condition after traversing puddles.
  • Utilize low-beam headlights to enhance visibility.
  • Use the air conditioning on the outer circulation mode to avoid windshield fogging and maintain clear visibility.
  • Decrease driving speed to improve vehicle stability.
  • Ensure your windshield wipers are in good working order.

“In the event of rainfall, please take note of the following safety guidelines to avoid accidents and ensure your safety and the safety of others,” the Dubai Police wrote.

The police also called on the public to rely only on official sources for news updates regarding rain, thunderstorms, or floods.

Meanwhile, the country’s Ministry of Interior (MoI) reminded motorists of weather-related rules and associated penalties for violations:

  • Gathering near valleys, floods, and dams during rainy weather: AED1000 fine, 6 traffic points
  • Entering flooded valleys while overflowing with rainwater, regardless of their level of danger: AED2000 fine, 23 traffic points, 60-day confiscation of vehicles
  • Obstructing the relevant authorities from regulating traffic or ambulance and rescue during emergencies, disasters, crises, rains, and flooded valleys: AED1000 fine, 4 traffic points, 60-day confiscation of vehicles

The ministry urges residents to be cautious, reduce speed on roads, avoid water ponds and fast-moving streams, and refrain from visiting the sea and beaches during the ongoing weather condition in the country.

Lianne Micah Asidera

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