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Happy Valentine’s Day: This is your ultimate guide to a budget-friendly date in Dubai!

Valentine’s Day is approaching, there is this excitement and there is tension, as the time has finally come to pop the question: “Will you be my Valentine?” Whether it’s for a special someone whom you care about and love so much or a crush that you’re pursuing, the pressure is on to make February 14 extra special. So, if you’re excited to get that sweet “yes” then it’s best that you prepare for this special day.

Different people have different techniques to impress their Valentine’s date. Some people like to go overboard by renting out yachts, helicopters, or even limousines and there are some who prefer doing simple but romantic things like writing letters and handing bouquets. Yet, dates do not need to be expensive to be the best, sometimes the affordable ones are the ones that stick to you the most. So, if you’re on a tight budget, you don’t have to worry because you can still make your loved one happy on Valentine’s Day even with an estimated budget of AED250.


There is nothing better than spending time together eating good food. As the famous line says, “the way to someone’s heart is through their stomach.”

If you and your partner are craving Japanese cuisine – from sushi rolls to grilled wagyu – then you can try Mogiya Authentic Japanese Restaurant. From February 1 to 29, you can take your date for unlimited shabu-shabu or hotpot for AED99 each. It’s time to reserve those seats and satisfy your Japanese cravings. Mogiya will not only fill your stomach with delicious food but it will also fill your pockets as you will still receive a change of AED50 from your budget.

If you’re into Chinese food, then you can try Chinese Star Restaurant, where you can dive into the world of dim sum, stir-fried noodles, and steamed fried rice. The combo meals that they have to offer already have a lot of meals included that will not disappoint you. Starting from AED188, you can delight yourselves with different dishes such as chicken fried rice, kangkong with garlic, mixed seafood, and more. Combo B offers more food such as dynamite roll, godzilla roll, and beef with potatoes, at a reasonable price of AED238. Last but not least, the third combo that is originally intended for 8 persons offers their best dishes such as baked salmon roll and crispy california roll for AED338. If you find these too expensive, then don’t worry because they also have a la carte options that fit the budget. 

If you’re craving Filipino Food, then Sweet and Spicy Restaurant is the best option for you. You and your date can indulge yourself with their best-selling “bulalo” which tastes just like home. They also serve Pinoy’s favorite Spaghetti (Filipino Style) and the ever-iconic lumpia. With your AED250 budget, you can already order a lot of dishes, as their prices only range from around AED10 to AED50.

If you’re into “food trips” then Al Rigga Night Market in Deira is the best place to spend your Valentine’s date. With food stalls offering various snacks and meals, your date will surely feel like a feast. Aside from that, you can also walk around and do a little shopping with your date.


Walks are not just romantic, but they are also free. There are a few places in Dubai where you can stroll around with your date, such as the free parks that the emirate has to offer, like the Al Barsha Pond Park and The Greens Park.

And what’s more romantic than a stroll in the park? A picnic. You and your date can stroll around and then set up a picnic. Based on your preference, you can either prepare food at home with all the available resources that you have or you can order takeout from stores like Bubee, Dunkin Donuts, and Jaiko Taho.

Pair your romantic date with some sweet delights, finger food, and a touch of boba. 

One of the favorite bubble tea shops in the United Arab Emirates will never disappoint you with its various options that you can mix and match. From the best-selling Okinawa to the Classic bubble tea. The taste of Bubee will leave you wanting for more. 

To add to the sweet feast, you can order Dunkin’s limited edition Valentine’s Gift Box. For AED39, you can enjoy a box of 6 donuts carefully curated for this month’s celebration of love.

You can also immerse yourself in the beauty of Dubai’s seafront district as you stroll around Dubai Marina Walk. 


A special person deserves a special gift, even with a tight budget. Since it is a long-term gift, you might have to add a bit more to your AED250 budget.

Let your partner’s necks or wrists shimmer with sparkling jewelry from Karat World, Thangals, and Lifestyle Fine Jewellery.

From January 12 to April 10, Karat World is giving 50% to 70% discount on Diamond Jewellery. On February 14, Thangals will be giving a gold coin to customers who will purchase on Valentine’s Day. Aside from that, they are also offering up to 50% off on Diamond Jewellery.

Don’t let your chance slip as Lifestyle Fine Jewellery is currently doing a mega sale that offers up to 70% discount on selected items. 


At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter how affordable or expensive your gifts or surprises are. Sometimes your presence is the best present that you can give to your loved one this Valentine’s Day. Don’t let a tight budget stop you from celebrating love. What matters most is that you are able to celebrate each other, not just on Valentine’s Day but also every day.

Kate Liane Sudiacal

The bunsong babae of The Filipino Times. Kate is a budding writer striving to become a trusted voice and an iterative journalist through the portrayal of Filipino excellence in her narratives and delivering the most recent updates to both Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) and international readers of The Filipino Times. Want to share your story? Send it to [email protected]

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