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Man ordered to return AED 100,000 taken illegally from owners of a UAE school

A UAE resident has been ordered to refund AED 100,000 that he illegally stole from the proprietors of an Al Ain private school.

The Al Ain Civil Court of First Instance also ordered the individual to pay AED 3,000 in compensation to the school owner for the losses he incurred.

According to court papers, the school owner and another individual filed a complaint against the defendant, demanding that he repay the AED 100,000 he took from the school.

The plaintiffs also sought AED 20,000 in restitution for material and emotional harm.

The school owner stated that he gave the money to the defendant so that it might be delivered to the school administrator, the second complainant. In addition, the defendant signed a form admitting receipt of the funds. He did not, however, turn it over to the school administrator. Instead, the man spent the money on himself.

The funds were intended to be used to fund school activities. However, the filings did not state if the defendant worked for the school.

The individual had already been convicted of theft and penalized by the Al Ain Criminal Court.

The plaintiffs subsequently brought him to civil court, requesting that he restore the stolen money as well as pay damages.

Following the hearing from all parties, the civil court judge made a judgement requiring the defendant to pay AED103,000, which included the money he stole and the compensation amount.

The guy was also ordered to pay the complainants’ legal fees.

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