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PA MINE PO: Filipino men earn significantly higher than women in online selling

Filipino men earn significantly higher than women in online selling, a study by Philippine Institute for Development Studies (PIDS) has found.

As per the study, on average, male online sellers earn more than their female counterparts at P10,898 compared to P6,041, respectively.

More Filipino women are engaged on different online selling platforms compared to men but male sellers earn more. 

As per the “Expanded Data Analysis and Policy Research for National ICT Household Survey 2019,” a slightly higher fraction of female internet users (5%) engaged in online selling than men (4%).

The study further showed that most women online sellers (25%) are employed workers and self-employed women and homemakers made up 36% of online sellers.

PIDS Senior Research Fellows Jose Ramon G. Albert said that the engagement in online selling is more likely for women, married individuals, and more educated persons as well as Information and Communications Technology (ICT) degree holders.

The likelihood of getting into online selling increases with age but decreases at a certain threshold and those in rural areas are less likely to engage in online selling.


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