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Isko Moreno vows to slash taxes on fuel, electricity by 50% should he win president 

Manila Mayor and presidential aspirant Isko Moreno vowed to slash the taxes on fuel and electricity should he win the presidency in the 2022 elections. 

Moreno said that he is eyeing to cut the tax prices of these basic commodities to 50%. 

“If given a chance, ang unang-una kong gagawin is babawasan ko nang 50 percent ang buwis ng langis,” Moreno said in an event in Tarlac. 

Moreno said that this move will benefit not only the poor people but also those who are in the middle class who are at the receiving end of price increases. 

“The income of farmers and fishermen will definitely be affected by the fuel price hikes. Farmers use crude oil in their farm tractors, kuliglig, and motors that are used for irrigation. Even their fertilizers and pesticides are by-products of petroleum. Fishermen will also have to reduce their fishing trip because of high fuel prices,” Moreno said. 

Moreno also said that soaring fuel prices push PUV operators and drivers to demand for fare hikes. 

“We cannot bring down the cost of power generation but the end-users or the consumers, can be made to pay lower electricity bills. How? Bawasan natin ang buwis sa kuryente ng 50 porsyento. Mababawasan ang kita ng gobyerno pero ang tao ang panalo dahil sa malaking pera na kanilang matitipid,” he said. 

“Bagama’t nalugi ang gobyerno sa buwis, lumakas naman ang buying power ng mamamayan at bumalik ito sa ekonomiya natin na lalong lumakas. That is a positive chain reaction,” Moreno added. 

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