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The world needs a little more kindness

Kindness, in its various forms, has the power to improve the world. We can all contribute to a kinder world by treating those around us, our environment, and ourselves with compassion and empathy.

As we celebrated World Kindness Day on Monday, November 13, we asked our TFT online community this question: “What is the kindest thing that a stranger has done for you?”

Netizens expressed gratitude and appreciation as they recounted the memorable acts of kindness from someone they didn’t know. These narratives serve as valuable lessons, demonstrating that kindness can be easily woven into our daily lives through various gestures:

  1. Extending a helping hand

Some participants recounted instances where strangers lent a helping hand by carrying their heavy bags, assisting with their needs, or even changing flat tires. These simple acts of kindness left a lasting impression on their hearts, becoming moments they will cherish forever.




2. Giving a simple smile

A simple smile goes a long way, influencing the actions of those around you and shaping the course of your day. Cultivating a positive atmosphere through small gestures can create a ripple effect of kindness.


3. Helping financially

While many may hesitate to give away their hard-earned money, stories from our TFT online community demonstrated the generosity of strangers who willingly spent their extra resources to assist those in need.




4. Offering medical help

In times of distress, some shared experiences of strangers offering valuable medical assistance, showcasing that kindness can extend beyond the realm of everyday conveniences.


5. Giving the kindness back

Finally, some people shared times when they passed on the kindness they got from strangers, showing how kindness can come full circle. These back-and-forth acts of goodwill help build a positive and supportive community.


Aside from these, we can show kindness by:

  • Being careful with our words
  • Giving compliments
  • Saying ‘thank you’
  • Listening to other’s feelings and needs
  • Helping in cleaning up your surroundings/environment
  • Giving your time to someone who needs it

These points, among numerous acts of kindness we can demonstrate, can significantly impact the lives of the people around us. From a simple smile to grand monetary gestures, kindness can alter one’s life for the better—including your own.

So, let’s be kind always, in all ways.

Lianne Micah Asidera

Lianne is a reporter at The Filipino Times. She was a news correspondent for the Provincial Government of Bataan in the Philippines. Lianne takes pleasure in winning over readers' hearts by featuring impactful stories that matter to both the Filipino and global readers of The Filipino Times. Want to share your story? Reach Lianne on Facebook: www.facebook.com/liyanstar or send your story at: [email protected]

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