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The pageant princess: Alaina Jane Packer’s journey to five crowns at just 11 years old

11-year-old Alaina Jane Packer is making a name for herself in the beauty pageant and modeling world, leaving an indelible mark through her numerous achievements in various competitions across the UAE.

Alaina, a Year 7 student at the Capital School in Dubai, has displayed remarkable talent and determination, clinching grand titles in esteemed pageants such as Little Miss Filbrit 2019, Fashion Ka Jalsa Being Muskaan, Emirates Top Model, Miss Teen International UAE 2023, and Little Binibining Pilipinas UAE 2023.

In an exclusive interview with The Filipino Times, Alaina shared the origins of her passion for pageantry and modeling, describing how it ignited her love for the industry. From a young age, she exhibited a natural talent for singing and dancing, prompting her parents to enroll her at Filbrit Talent Scout. Through their guidance, she took classes that not only honed her modeling skills but also further developed her abilities in singing and dancing.

“When I first joined Filbrit Talent Scout, I was super shy and I cried a lot. Over time, it really helped me to be more confident,” Alaina revealed, underscoring the transformative impact of her training.

Alaina’s journey began with the annual competition called Little Miss Filbrit, which encompassed modeling various outfits, showcasing her talent, and engaging in a question-and-answer segment. Inspired by a friend’s victory in 2017, she mustered the courage to ask her parents if she could participate when she turned eight years old.

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Initially uncertain of her readiness for such a glamorous event, Alaina’s doubts were quickly dispelled as she emerged triumphant, securing not only the title of Little Miss Filbrit 2019 but also special accolades such as Best in Ball Gown, Darling of the Crowd, Best in Talent, Miss Friendship, and Best in Santa Claus Outfit.

Her inaugural pageant triumph fueled her determination to explore the world of modeling further. In 2022, she enrolled in Diamond Models School, where she refined her runway skills, mastering the art of walking, standing, and posing with the poise of a professional model.

Alaina’s journey of success continued with her participation in the Fashion Kajalsa Muskaan Fashion Show in February 2022, where she earned the honor of first runner-up. She further solidified her position in the modeling sphere by clinching the title in the junior category of the Emirates Top Model competition in July 2022.

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Adding to her ever-growing list of accomplishments, Alaina joined the Project Women in Power pageant in March 2023, held in celebration of International Women’s Month. Little did she expect that this endeavor would earn her two more prestigious titles: Miss Teen International UAE 2023 and Little Binibining Pilipinas UAE 2023.

With her star on the rise, Alaina was invited to take part in a high-profile fashion show at Dubai Fashion Week, where she had the privilege of modeling top-of-the-line dresses crafted by renowned fashion giants like MM Milano and Michael Cinco.

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Reflecting on her achievements at such a young age, Alaina exuberantly shared, “I am so happy to have won so many titles, and I am very proud of myself. I love the feeling I get when I am on the stage modeling my outfits, and even though I get nervous, I love the excitement of the competition.”

As proud parents, Ms. Jane Packer and Mr. Graham Packer marvel at their daughter’s incredible growth. From her early days as a timid young girl to now captivating audiences with her confidence and talent, they are overwhelmed with emotion.

“Alaina was so shy when she first joined Filbrit, so to see her modeling so confidently on stage and performing in front of so many people was overwhelming, and we shed many tears! Since Little Miss Filbrit, she has grown and blossomed into a beautiful young lady, and every time we see her on the catwalk, she takes our breath away,” Mr. Graham expressed with pride.

Ms. Jane and Mr. Graham firmly believe that Alaina is destined to walk on every runway she desires. They promise to be a strong support system, nurturing her aspirations and guiding her through every endeavor she takes on.

“We want Alaina to follow her heart and pursue whatever she is passionate about and truly loves to do. She has always enjoyed singing and wanted to be a singer for many years, but her heart seems to be in modeling, and we will encourage and support her in any way we can to follow that path,” Ms. Jane affirmed.

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As Alaina continues to carve her path toward becoming a professional model, her story serves as an inspiration to the younger generation. It exemplifies that age should never be a barrier to achieving tremendous success in beauty pageants and fashion shows. With determination, talent, and unwavering support, anyone can overcome their initial shyness and transform into a shining star, just like Alaina Jane Packer.

Though her journey has only just begun, Alaina has already proven herself as a force to be reckoned with in the beauty and modeling industry. The world eagerly awaits her next steps and anticipates the remarkable achievements she will undoubtedly accomplish along the way.

Lianne Micah Asidera

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