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Meet the young Stock Traders: How two Pinoy kids aged 9 and 12 are learning about investment and the Stock Market

Starting young in learning about investing is a surefire way to build a wealthy future.

For Danielle Uy Rose Magsino, 12, and her younger brother, Jacob Lyndon Uy Magsino, 9, this is already a reality. Both have already started learning about the stock market as young as the age of seven, and have been trading for some time now.

Their father, Lyndon Magsino, a financial expert and author of the book Piso Master, explains that teaching their kids about investment and the stock market can give them a huge opportunity to become wealthy when they grow up.

“As we all know, the stock market is a great investment platform for wealth creation. Also, it can divert their focus from spending to investing,” he said.

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Lyndon Magsino

Magsino shares that their kids’ interest in investment started from discussions they have around the dining table.

“Me and my wife are always discussing our investment portfolios, personal finance, and our household balance sheet — as we are both CPAs and investors. Surprisingly, our kids developed their interest in these topics, particularly about investment. They ask a lot of questions about ROI, risks, profitability, equity, and even market trends,” he said.

Their interest led them to read Piso Master, a book about investing that their father authored and published in 2019.

Magsino says that they have weekly sessions about investment portfolios, and they always emphasize the importance of due diligence before investing.

“Investing without due diligence is like driving in the Sheikh Zayed Road with a blindfold,” he said.

Magsino also highlighted that there is no age to start “learning about investing is for everyone and there is no age restriction.” He and his wife opened a stock trading account under their name, but their kids are using the account.

“Initially, we started a small investable amount for them to just experience the real world of investment. The exposure is small, but the learning opportunity is huge, especially in gaining experience in stock trading, understanding the market movements, and the psychology of money,” he said.

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The Magsino Family

Apart from the stock market, Magsino encourages parents and kids to invest in themselves first.

“Study first and make sure you understand the risks before investing your hard-earned money. Do your analysis and due diligence regardless of whether it will be investing in stocks, real estate, or any investment vehicle,” he said.

As financial literacy is not usually taught in schools, Magsino suggests that parents take the lead in promoting financial literacy among their children.

“The financial literacy for kids should start with the parents. I’m encouraging the parents to become financially literate by enrolling themselves in FinLit/Investment Seminars, reading books, or even watching YouTube videos about investing,” he said.

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This picture was taken at Hynes Covention Center in Boston when Lyndon Magsino graduated for his Executive MBA at Hult International Business School.

Magsino also volunteers to teach financial literacy seminars at the Philippine Consulate General in Dubai, where he is part of the Financial Literacy Task Force.

The future looks bright for Danielle and Jacob, who have a head start in their financial journey.

For overseas Filipinos who want to give their children the same opportunity, you can enrich your financial knowledge and attend the 9th edition of the Philippine Property and Investment Exhibition on May 12-13, 2023, to learn more about investing.

Justin Aguilar

Justin is a Senior Assistant Editor and Content Producer at The Filipino Times. She was a TV News Reporter for ABS-CBN News, where she covered news stories and reports for TV and radio programs such as ANC, TV Patrol World, Umagang Kay Ganda, Bandila, and DZMM Teleradyo. She enjoys capturing people’s hearts by highlighting the excellence of Filipinos in her stories and bringing the latest updates to both OFWs and global readers of The Filipino Times. Want to share your story? Reach Justin on Facebook: www.facebook.com/justinaguilar.nerona or send your story at: [email protected]

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