Savor Classic Pinoy Dishes at Razon’s in Karama

If there’s one thing that would make the loneliness and homesickness of most Filipinos go away, it’s the aroma and taste of authentic Filipino food. This is exactly why well-known Filipino dishes served at Razon’s of Guagua at Al Wasl Hub, Block 2 Karama in Dubai captures the very essence tastiness and deliciousness that only Pinoy cuisines can fulfill.

Here are a few of their dishes served good for 2 people to crave for:

1b beef asado 1

1a chicken asado 1

Chicken and Beef Asado

If the Asado you’re used to is the sweet version, you’re not really experiencing the authentic Pinoy version – as the Asado you knew is the Sweet Chinese Asado cooked with another kind of meat. Razon’s Asado comes in two versions: Chicken and Beef, both of which are slowly cooked to perfection and tenderness. You can immediately taste the freshness of each tomato infused within the dish with each bite.

2 beef caldereta 1

Beef Caldereta

Razon’s Beef Caldereta is a testament to the signature dishes made by Filipino moms all around the world. It’s mix of salt and spice that you can already taste from the sauce alone would definitely have you and your friends asking for another cup of rice! The beef is also very tender and soft that makes it easy to chew and as you do so, the juices within the meat slowly surround your mouth with its lip-smacking taste.

3 spicy squid 1

Spicy Squid

Love spicy food? Razon’s Spicy Squid would put your taste buds to that challenge by cooking up a story of freshly caught squid together with their signature sweet and spicy sauce as well as red chili. The dish is cooked just at the right temperature and served at the right time at diners can taste the freshness of the squid with each bite, coupled with the delicious sauce and that tinge of spiciness.

4 gising gising 1

Gising Gising

With its English translation meaning “Wake up!”, Razon’s ‘Gising Gising’ is a dish which is a fusion of coconut milk and chili that would kind of remind you of Bicol Express. However, the only thing that’s entirely different is that the dish is mainly filled with chili, with several pieces of prawns within that give the dish its seafood essence – as if you’re waking up nearby one of the Philippines’ pristine beaches.

5 fried chicken 1

Fried Chicken

A favorite meal for people of all ages, their fried chicken leaves out the breading and all of the usual fast-food gimmicks as the simple, yet delicious dish would remind you of your mom’s quick and easy fried chicken recipe that you have always loved to eat as a kid.

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Of course each dish wouldn’t be complete without an order of Razon’s iconic Halo-Halo that has swept the palates of majority of OFWs in the UAE.

Apart from their branch at Karama in Dubai, Razon’s also has a branch located at the Al Wahda Mall Extension in Abu Dhabi.

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