Dh 6000 worth of items lost by OFW successfully retrieved in Dubai

The UAE has once again proved to the world that it’s one of the safest countries to live in as an OFW shared her story to The Filipino Times on how she managed to retrieve the items she lost amounting to Dh 6000 in two separate occasions.

Bag left in a taxi

Sarah* told TFT that the first item she lost was a bag that she left in a taxi in Dubai. “I lost the bag in a taxi in 8:30 pm. I noticed that I forgot it around 9:00pm so I called the RTA hotline. Immediately I informed them about the time and the location – I came from Dubai Mall headed to Dubai Marina. I didn’t even have the receipt number,” said Sarah.

Sarah said that within 10 minutes RTA called her back to say that they have already located the taxi driver. RTA then shared the number of the taxi driver and Sarah called to have her items sent to her home. “(The situation only took) 10 minutes talking to RTA and 20 minutes for the driver to return the items to me,” explains Sarah. It only took half an hour to have her items delivered safely to her home in Dubai Marina.

Shopping bag left in the washroom

In a separate occasion, Sarah left another bag worth around Dh 3000 in the washroom of The Dubai Mall. She was already home when she realized she must have left it in the washroom. “I called Dubai Mall and they just informed me to go to Lost and Found. I left it in the evening and when I returned in the morning, it was there,” shares Sarah. She’s amazed with the fact that the item was still there several hours after she left the mall.

Safest country in the world

H.H. Lt. General Sheikh Saif bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Interior, has said that the UAE has been ranked first on countries with the lowest number of crimes related to theft. Stories like Sarah’s prove that the UAE has put effective and efficient systems in place to make sure that everyone stays safe in this country.

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