Check out these stars who turn to selling amid COVID-19 crisis

The entertainment industry—one that is already considered been fast-paced and ever-changing—has been greatly affected by the impact of coronavirus disease (COVID-19), with the movement and lockdown restrictions halting several TV and film productions.

It is no surprise then that several celebrities in the Philippines feel the need to look for alternative ways to make money, with some turning to selling in order to survive the current crisis.

Here are some of the many stars who are now venturing the selling business.

Nadine Samonte

Photo credit: Nadine Samonte’s Instagram


GMA actress Nadine Samonte proudly shared that she now sells ‘daing’ or dried fishes to help her family get by during these days.

Samonte, who rose to fame during the first season of GMA 7’s reality show ‘Starstruck’, revealed that she’s not ashamed to show the public that she has joined the ranks of online sellers since she needs the extra income for her family.

“Hindi ako nahihiya na magbenta ng ganito kasi sa panahon ngayon kailangan natin maging madiskarte and hindi nakakahiya kasi masarap talaga,” said Samonte on her Instagram post.

Some of the items she sells include small dilis, big boneless dilis, danggit, sweet pusit, and palad flakes.

Sherilyn Reyes

Photo credit: Sherilyn Reyes’ Instagram

Sherilyn Reyes—who now sells products from local beauty company Beautiderm—has recently opened up about their current struggles as a family, including how they fell into victim from a swindler.

“Wala raw kami pera, totoo rin! At kahil kailan hindi ko ikinaila sa mga kakilala ko na wala akong pers ngayon,” she said.

She is thankful for her husband who courageously face people who were also victimized by the scam.

Photo credit: Sherilyn Reyes’ Instagram

Robi Domingo

Robi Domingo earlier announced that he will team up with local tailors who lost their jobs due to the COVID-19 pandemic in opening his face mask business

Robi plans to donate the proceeds to these workers, who are facing a rough road to recovery after the events industry was paralyzed.

“More details soon,” Robi said. He also shared a photo of him with the mask made by one of the tailors he teamed up with.

Dante Gulapa

The online sensation has resorted to selling lumpia and vinegar after he became jobless because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Gulapa became an internet sensation last year for his “eagle dance.” Since then, he appeared on several shows like “Kapuso Mo Jessica Soho.” He even had an endorsement.

On Facebook, Gulapa tells about his new source of income. He even delivers his product in Malabon and nearby places.

“Hi mga ka-idol, baka may gusto umorder ng mga tinda ko po. Mura mura lang po gawa ni big papa dante ako mag deliver mismo sa bahay niyo,” Gulapa posted.

He also sells sweet delicacies like Mango Graham and Crema de fruta.

Last July, Gulapa asked his followers if they know about any job openings after losing his job due to the pandemic.

Neil Ryan Sese

As he waits for upcoming showbiz projects, Neil Ryan Sese has kept himself busy amid the pandemic by selling and delivering seafood through his bike.

“Sobrang nae-enjoy ko na. Kasi akala ko noong una gagawin ko lang siyang business noong lockdown. Hindi ko naman akalain, hindi naman natin akalain lahat na hahaba ng ganito ‘yung lockdown,” he said in an interview on Amazing Earth.

He also used his business to help his fellow bikers affected by the pandemic.

“Alam ko nga may mga kaibigan akong nawalan ng trabaho na bikers din. I think ito yung malaking makakatulong sa kanila kasi kayang-kaya nila gawin ito for sure,” he added.

The actor was last seen in the Philippine remake of the Descendants of the Sun.

Alessandra de Rossi

Actress Alessandra de Rossi sold one of her cars to add up to her finances since she is not accepting any project due to the coronavirus threat.

De Rossi used to own two cars. She bought a second car so she could have an alternate car due to the number coding being implemented by the Metro Manila Development Authority (MMDA), she said in a report of GMA News.

She said she would rather stay at home to ensure safety.

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