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MUST READ: Tasty Yue Restaurant’s top 8 dishes

Filipinos and UAE residents are always in for a treat whenever they dine in at Tasty Yue Restaurant. With premium and farm-fresh ingredients, this authentic Chinese restaurant offers more than 100 delectable dishes that will surely satisfy your food cravings.

Tasty Yue Restaurant is located at Darwish Bin Ahmed & Sons Building, Shop 2-1, Dubai Investment Park 1 – Dubai, beside WEMART DIP branch.

Here are the top 8 dishes you can enjoy for dine in, takeaway or delivery:

01 Peking Duck 北京烤鸭

Peking Duck. Serve with Chinese pancakes, spring onions, cucumber, and hoisin sauce, Pecking Duck has always been a favorite dish among Filipinos.


Seafood & Eggplant Garlic Claypot. Another authentic Chinese dish, this savory and fragrant seafood dish is enjoyed hot in a clay pot.

03 Black Truffle fried rice with Foie Gras黑松露鹅肝炒饭

Black Truffle fried rice with Foie Gras. A rice dish full of earthy flavors from black truffle, this meal is served with premium duck liver and has diners fall in love with this dish.

Whenchao Season Vegetables温超农场有机蔬菜茼蒿

Wenchao Season Vegetables. Diners will enjoy stir-fried vegetables that are freshly harvested at their very own Wenchao (WEMART) Farm at Nazwa Desert in Dubai.

04Steamed Prawn Dumplings水晶虾饺

Steamed Prawn Dumplings. Served in a bamboo steamer and filled with prawn goodness, this dish will certainly fulfill your dumpling cravings.

05 Steamed Chicken Xiao Long Bun上海小笼包

Steamed Chicken Xiao Long Bao. This steamed soup dumpling is a classic favorite from Chinese food lovers, especially the hot broth inside.

06Steamed Chicken Feet 名酱蒸凤爪

Steamed Chicken Feet. To add to the dumpling favorites, chicken feet is also a familiar food among Filipinos, especially for its tenderness and taste.

07Peach gum Boiled Milk桃胶炖奶

Peach gum Boiled Milk. This is a milk-based Chinese dessert that has a fruity and sweet touch, the perfect dish to end any meal.


Customers who prefer to eat at home can have their favorite dishes delivered to their doorstep by ordering via WeChat at +971 50 843 0678 or WhatsApp at +971 50 843 0678.


Enjoy a free delivery fee with a minimum spend of AED 48 per order if the delivery location is within five kilometers of the restaurant. A delivery fee of only AED 8 will be charged for locations beyond five kilometers.


Follow @WEMARTuae on Facebook and Instagram to access more exciting offers on Asian goods and many other products from Tasty Yue Restaurant and WEMART Hypermarket.


WEMART is available through the following branches:


WEMART Hypermarket – Clock Tower
Port Saeed Building, Deira Clock Tower Area, Dubai, near Deira City Center Metro Station, Dubai


WEMART Abu Dhabi – Hamdan
Abdulla Bin Darwish Building (adjacent to Al Masraf Bank) Hamdan St. – Salam St. Junction, Abu Dhabi


WEMART Supermarket – Baniyas Branch
Shop-7, Baniyas Complex Tower, Nasser Square in Deira, just behind the Baniyas Square Metro Station, Dubai


WEMART Supermarket – International City
China Cluster, International City, Dubai


WEMART Hypermarket – Dubai Investment Park
Shop No 2-1,Darwish Bin Ahmed & Sons Building B – Dubai Investments Park – Dubai

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