Man sneaks into Dubai waitress’ room, fondles her

A 26-year-old Filipina filed complaints against a Pakistani man who sneaked inside her room and molested her while she was asleep.

Prosecutors at the Dubai Court of First Instance charged the defendant with trespassing, molestation, and consuming alcohol without a license after he entered the room of the Filipina and inappropriately touched her while he was under the influence of alcohol, reported Khaleej Times.

The Filipina, who works as a waitress in Dubai, said that she was already asleep around midnight in her company-provided accommodation which she shares with five other women.

She said that she suddenly felt someone pulling the pillow off her head while fondling her and saw the suspect rushing out of the room.

The complainant then woke her roommates up to check the footage recorded by the surveillance cameras along their hallway.

Through the video, they were able to identify the suspect who even tried to switch off the lights in their kitchen so that his face will not be seen in the dark.

The Filipina then filed a complaint at the Al Qusais Police Station wherein she told the police that the man might have entered the room because she forgot to lock the door.

The trial has been adjourned to October 24 as the defendant remains in detention.

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