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Things that should not be left inside the car during summer

Summer means hotter days, and for those with cars, it means taking extra precautions. Did you know that there are items that you should not leave inside your car for a long time as they might pose a risk of fire or explosion from high temperatures? Furthermore, some of these items can also be damaged or rendered useless due to the extreme heat.

Here are a few that you should know:

Plastic Water Bottles

High temperatures can cause chemicals like BPA to leach into the water, posing health risks. So, it’s best to avoid leaving your bottled water in the car and don’t drink it afterward!

Canned Beverages

The reason why canned beverages should not be left in the car is because extreme heat can cause cans to explode, leaving a sticky mess.


Heat can alter their fragrance and cause containers to burst.


Makeup is quite expensive and you should not leave it inside the car because it might melt or become unusable in high temperatures.


Heat can spoil food quickly, especially perishables.

Additionally, never leave children and pets in the car, as the temperature can rise to dangerous levels rapidly.

Meanwhile, Abu Dhabi Police has also shared with the public six items that should not be left in cars during the summer. These items are: (1) perfumes, (2) lighters, (3) hand sanitizers, (4) batteries, (5) compressed packages, and (6) gas bottles.

Avoid leaving these items in your car this summer and stay safe!


Kate Sudiacal

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