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O! Millionaire 108th Draw: Stick to Your Seven Lucky Numbers and Get the Chance to Win 100 Million Dirhams

Buying a Green Certificate is a fantastic opportunity to change your life and contribute to the planet’s wellness. For just AED 25, you have the chance to win AED 100 million. With the Double & Secure feature, your winnings could even be doubled to an astounding AED 200 million!

Every Green Certificate you purchase plants a tree in Oasis Park, helping to cut carbon dioxide and combat climate change. This unique initiative not only offers the excitement of a potential life-changing prize but also supports environmental sustainability.

The Seven Winning Numbers for the 108th Draw

O! Millionaire hosts a Live Draw every Thursday at 8 PM (GST), where actor and environmentalist Maradona Rebello announces the winning numbers for the week. In the latest draw, Episode 108, the seven lucky numbers were 1, 2, 6, 9, 12, 30, and 43. The winning Green Certificate ID was 42F9 X2SD, awarding the lucky holder AED 100,000 in the weekly raffle draw. 

Missed the Live Draw? You can catch up on all the action online. Watch it here:

Stick to Your 7 Lucky Numbers

Ralph Martin, CEO of O! Millionaire, shares this valuable tip with the audience, emphasizing that consistency and strategic choices can bring you closer to winning in the 4th episode of O! Millionaire Podcast.

The magic in sticking to your 7 lucky numbers is that every time you try, you get closer to the outcome you want. Here’s a tip: choose numbers above 30 and 31 because many people choose numbers from 1-30, often based on birthdates, increasing your chances by selecting less common numbers.

Check out the full video here: 

Tune in to the new episode of O! Millionaire Podcast every Saturday.

About the Live Draw

The #OMillionaire Green Draw offers more than just prizes; it makes dreams come true. While the Grand Prize is a significant allure, many have already won exciting rewards. In collaboration with Oasis Park, this initiative promotes sustainability and improves lives. Every AED 25 Green Certificate purchase worth AED 25 plants a tree in Oasis Park, making a real impact. O! Millionaire believes everyone can achieve their dreams while contributing to a healthier planet. Win Your Best Life today with O! Millionaire.

At O! Millionaire, transparency and fairness are key. Participants can watch the rigorous quality-checking process via a video posted on O! Millionaire’s channel. In case you missed it, watch the Live Draw [here].

You can’t win if you don’t play. Buying a Green Certificate is more than a chance to win an incredible prize—it’s a step towards a greener planet and a brighter future. Join the O! Millionaire Green Draw today and make a difference.


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