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71% Filipinos use messaging apps to reach businesses

Use of messaging apps to reach businesses by Filipinos has significantly increased in comparison to pre-pandemic period, said a study conducted by Meta and the US-based Boston Consulting Group.

As per the study 71 percent of respondents from the Philippines have adopted business messaging and the use of messaging applications and other channels to reach out to businesses and Philippines ranked second in the survey. In the Vietnam the percentage remained 73 percent.

The percentage for other geographies was Indonesia (69 percent), Thailand (66 percent), Taiwan (64 percent), Australia (58 percent) and South Korea (55 percent).

The study also showed that nearly 38 percent of Filipinos chatted more frequently with businesses than before the COVID-19 outbreak while the survey also found that 32 percent said it was the same as before, while the remaining 30 percent noted that number was less than the pre-pandemic period.

As many ass twenty-six percent of respondents from the Philippines message businesses at least once a week, while 38 percent did so at least once every two to three weeks and another 36 percent said they reach out at least once a month.

Anthony Oundijian, managing director and senior partner at BCG said that the COVID-19 pandemic forced countries around the world to go into lockdowns due to which more Filipinos went online as “businesses across many industries” increased their investment and engagement on online channels to connect with customers.

As per the survey some 97 percent of Philippine businesses recognized that messaging apps are important for success, with 65 percent of Filipino consumers preferring to reach out to businesses on chat rather than through email or phone.

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