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Abu Dhabi court orders man pay AED 3,100,000 to ex-wife to settle commercial debts

An Abu Dhabi Court ordered a man to pay AED 3,100,000 to his ex-wife to settle debts on account of their commercial transactions.

The Abu Dhabi Court of Cassation upheld an appeal verdict obligating a man to pay his ex-wife AED 3,100,000 in the lawsuit against her ex-husband, demanding that he should pay her AED 8,139,000 and compensation.

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The woman also requested the assignment of an expert to settle the account between them. She said that there were commercial transactions between them which resulted in debts he refused to pay.

Earlier, the ex-husband filed a lawsuit against his ex-wife, demanding that she should pay him AED 25,548,000, asking the court to assign a bank expert to check the transactions between them.

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The woman also demanded her ex-husband pay her AED 26 million and the husband demanded that his ex-wife should pay him about AED 30 million.

The Court of First Instance asked the man to pay his ex-wife AED 3,100,000 in compensation for the delay in payment while rejecting his lawsuit.

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