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Employees from selected sectors may expect 4% salary increase in UAE this 2022

The medical technology, pharmaceutical, and manufacturing sectors would be among the ones which would see the highest pay rise as the hike is likely to be 4 percent in the UAE next year.

Willis Towers Watson, a leading global advisory company, has noted in a study of 316 UAE firms that the employers in the UAE plan to give their staff an average annual pay rise of four per cent in 2022.

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The average rises in the medical technology sector are set to be 4.4 per cent, 4.3 percent in pharmaceutical manufacturing (4.3 per cent) while the workers in insurance will receive 3.2 per cent increase and the business consulting 3.2 per cent while energy and natural resources (3.3 per cent).

This year there was a rise of three per cent average increase while the businesses expecting to freeze pay is set to drop from 15 per cent this year to 0.6 per cent next year.

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