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Remarkable achievement: COVID-19 cases in Abu Dhabi falls to just 0.2%

Nothing could sound more inspiring and energizing to a country that has worked incredibly hard to limit the spread of the infection.

With the UAE’s staunch commitment to preventing the spread of COVID-19, its capital Abu Dhabi has recorded only 0.2 percent of people who tested positive for COVID-19, according latest figures reported by the Emergency, Crisis and Disasters Committee.

“This follows the implementation of the emirate’s strategy to combat the COVID-19 pandemic, and successful initiatives including the rigorous implementation of thorough precautionary and preventive measures,” said the Committee in a statement Monday.

“Abu Dhabi emirate’s strategy includes intensified vaccination campaigns aimed at all community members and targeted campaigns for vulnerable categories, as well as continuous pro-active screening campaigns for all community members,” it added.

It added that the Capital strictly monitored occupancy rates in public places and the adherence to precautionary measures, as well as the use of advanced technology, including EDE scanners to detect infection, and strict policies in place for violators.

Last week, September 9, all commercial and industrial companies and establishments in Abu Dhabi have been allowed to implement 100% workforce capacity.

The move was announced by the Abu Dhabi Department of Economic and Development (ADDED).

“In line with preventive measures for COVID-19 issued and imposed by Abu Dhabi Emergency Crisis Committee for COVID-19 Pandemic, and with reference to previous circulars concerning the same subject, ADDED hereby directs you that starting from the date of this circular, the maximum capacity of workforce presence is allowed to reach 100% for all categories of employees and workers,” ADDED said in a circular.
Precautionary measures, the department said, must be strictly followed.

The announcement allowing 100% workforce capacity for the private sector came following the result of London-based Deep Knowledge Group ranking the Capital on top of the world’s leading world cities with the best COVID-19 pandemic response.

Meanwhile, the UAE also recorded the highest percentage of people vaccinated for COVID-19 in the world based on ‘Our World in Data’ statistics.

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