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Gordon blasts Michael Yang for not showing up in Senate probe

Photo from Senate PRIB

Senator Richard Gordon blasted businessman Michael Yang for not showing up in the Senate Blue Ribbon hearing on Monday, September 13. 

His lawyer, Raymond Fortun, said in a statement: “I regret that Mr. Michael Yang would not be able to attend today’s hearing. We are supposed to be meeting here at the place in Insular Village 1 before 9:30 today. On the way, he texted me and then called and said his blood pressure suddenly shot up and for that reason, he was advised by his doctor to stay at home.”

Fortun said he will bring a copy of Yang’s medical certificate. 

“That always occurs, when somebody is in investigation, they come in on a wheelchair, show their picture, and they cannot appear or they’re in a hospital bed,” said Gordon, who chairs the blue ribbon committee.

“Please tell your client that we will expect him to appear in the course of the hearing,” he added.

The senate is investigating the billions of pesos flagged by the Commission on Audit on the budget of the Department of Health. 

The investigation drew the ire of President Rodrigo Duterte saying no money was lost due to corruption.

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