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Man hides lover in tiny room at family house for 10 years

An Indian hid his lover in the same house for 10 years without the rest of his family having any clue about their secret.

In what reads like a mystery-cum-romance novel, the incident featured Sajitha (28) leaving her house to reside with her lover Rahman (34) in his room that was locked and going out at night only for her toiletry.

To prevent his family members from going into his room, Rahman displayed signs of depression and worked occasionally on painting and electrician jobs while his parents went to work daily.

Meanwhile, the missing girl’s parents thought that she had died and had even removed her name from their ration card.

However, the whole story came to light following the sudden disappearance of Rahman for three months before he was spotted travelling on a two-wheeler in Nenmara town on June 8 by his brother who called the police.

The couple feared opposition from their families. Sajitha left her house on February 2, 2010 and stayed with Rahman even as her parents filed a police case.

But after Rahman went missing for three months, the whole scenario changed with his brother and the police entering the scene.

Police questioning had highlighted the couple’s life inside one small room in a tiled house in Ayilur without the knowledge of his parents as unbelievable but true.

Nenmara police sub-Inspector K Noufal said Rahman and Sajitha have been living at a rented house in Vithunassery for three months after disappearing from the family home.

“Rahman had wanted to move out of his house after three months, but was forced to stay on due to lack of income,” he said, adding that police had now closed the two ‘missing’ cases.

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